Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The personal information collected through this registration process will only be used by RentersEd administrative staff for statistical purposes, and program marketing only, including (but not limited to) registration, record maintenance, and issuing of Certificates of Completion. Your personal information will not be published or shared.

Cancellations / Changes

RentersEd reserves the right to cancel, or suspend programs, change start/end dates, change start/end times, combine programs, change instructors or limit enrollment; website accuracy may be affected as a result. We will make every effort to ensure programs listed on our website take place as scheduled. If necessary, every effort will be made to decide to cancel a program no later than two business days before the program start date. Every effort will be made to notify you of any program cancellations or changes no later than one business day before the program start date. You should attend your RentersEd program as scheduled unless you hear otherwise. It is important that you provide your telephone number and an email address when you register so we can reach you in the event of any cancellations or changes. In the case of a program cancellation, any fees paid will be refunded. If you prefer, you may apply your fees to another program registration. There is no administrative fee to transfer from a cancelled program to an active program.

What is Included?

RentersEd takes care of all the arrangements. Please tell us what program format you want and we do the rest.

Terms and Conditions

RentersEd will:

  • Let you know if the program you have selected is free thanks to one of our Community Champions

  • Deliver programs as described and agreed upon in the initial quote

  • Maintain up-to-date Criminal Records Checks for all staff and volunteers

  • Provide suitably trained and qualified staff to deliver the program

  • Have sufficient Public Liability Insurance to cover program delivery

  • Will collect and store personal data in accordance with PIPEDA

  • Arrive in good time prior to program delivery and leave any venues as found unless otherwise agreed upon with host.

  • Ensure efficient breaks are built into the program (15 minutes in the morning, 45 minutes for lunch, 15 minutes in the afternoon)

  • Agree on a Code of Conduct with all program participants prior to and delivery of RentersEd

  • Evaluate participant knowledge pre and post RentersEd program delivery

  • Provide reasonable notice if any program is cancelled or needs to be rescheduled

The referrer or organization requesting a RentersEd program will:

  • Pay the invoice within 30 days unless the program being offered is free through sponsorship by a Community Champion.

  • Complete full referrals for each attendee in the program

  • Request delivery of, or make a referral to a RentersEd program at least two weeks in advance of program delivery date unless otherwise agreed upon

  • Support RentersEd in implementing a Code of Conduct

  • Ensure all program attendees are 16 years of age and older unless agreed otherwise

  • Notify RentersEd 48 hours prior to the program of any non-attendance