RentersEd is currently available in three delivery models.

Navigating the World as Renter - Panel Discussion

(75 Minutes)

Moving out is a big change, it is important to be ready for this change!

Navigating the World as a Renter provides students with the practical information they need to be a successful tenant. Join us for an informative panel discussion on tenant-landlord rights, and responsibilities. Learn about the Life Cycle of a Tenancy, and the skills needed to be a good roommate, neighbour, responsible community member and valued tenant.

This panel discussion is ideal for students in grades 9-12, college or university, or youth 15 years and older enrolled in community programs.

RentersEd Essentials


Do Not Wait to Be Evicted!

RentersEd Essentials will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to be a successful tenant. It will also help you identify, and overcome any barriers you may experience in finding safe, affordable, and stable housing. During this three-hour program, you will explore:

  • What you need to know before renting

  • How to submit a strong rental application

  • Life of a Lease: The ins and outs renting

  • Landlord-Tenant roles and responsibilities

  • Budgeting, communication and problem-solving skills

  • ABC’s of pest control

  • Safety and security tips for your rental

  • Repairs and maintenance do’s and don’ts

This program is ideal for anyone/group experiencing housing transition:

  • Homeless to supportive housing to independent living

  • Youth ageing out of care

  • Students

  • Newcomers and Refugees

  • Seniors

  • Any individual experiencing barriers to housing stability

  • Any individual with limited or no rental experience or history

RentersEd Certificate Program


Join us as we take an in-depth look at the Life Cycle of a Tenancy. Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to:

Identify your rental housing needs vs wants

  • Develop a spending plan to manage housing affordability and stability

  • Understand the rental application process, types of leases, lease signing, and sub-lets

  • Understand common barriers to housing (affordability, no references, no credit or poor credit, unemployed or low-employed, and discrimination)

  • Understand landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities

  • Build communication skills needed to develop a good relationship with your landlord, neighbours, and roommates

  • Understand the potential causes for eviction/homelessness and how to avoid them

  • Identify community resources and assistance programs that may help you in your tenancy

This program is ideal for anyone/group who wants to learn and sees a need to develop their housing readiness skills, and can be delivered in six 2-hour sessions, four 3-hour sessions, or two full-day sessions.