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Navigating the world as a renter - Charles P Allen High School

Private event. We would like to thank the Cobequid Community Health Board for being our Community Champion for this session.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank our rental industry experts for sharing their knowledge and expertise as panel members.

Mike Burgess, Basin Apartments

Mark MacDonald, A. R. Webber Properties Limited

Michelle Waye, Residential Tenancy Program, Service Nova Scotia

Moving out is a big change, it is important to be ready for this change!

Presented by the Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia in partnership with the Cobequid Community Health Board

Navigating the World as a Renter provides students with the practical information they need to be a successful tenant. Join us for an informative panel discussion on tenant-landlord rights, and responsibilities. Learn about the Life Cycle of a Tenancy:

  • Need Housing

  • Looking for Housing

  • Becoming a Tenant and Moving In

  • Maintaining your Housing

  • Ending your

  • Moving Out

Do not wait to be evicted before you develop the skills to be a good roommate, and neighbour, responsible community member and valued tenant.