Launched in 2018, RentersEd is program lead by the Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia (AHANS).

Our team delivers tenant education programs for renters of all backgrounds:

  • To educate tenants and prospective tenants about their obligations and rights under the Residential Tenancies Act;

  • To provide early intervention and support through education to enable tenants to independently manage their tenancy; and

  • To improve living skills with a focus on housing issues to reduce the likelihood of evictions and homelessness.


Advisory Council

The RentersEd Advisory Council provided an opportunity for representatives from MetroWorks Employment Association, Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia, Independent Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia, local and provincial public housing associations, landlords and property mangers to participate in a series of focus groups to review the RentersEd curriculum ensuring it addressed both landlord and tenant concerns, and provided guidance on how to be a valued tenant.